About us

Shaun’s Backyard is a project launched by Shaun and Zen in 2011, with a mission to provide practical information about living sustainably and regeneratively, and to present ideas and techniques for growing food efficiently and organically in a suburban backyard.

We set out to show how you can make the most of what you already have, and what’s cheaply or freely available to you, taking on principles such as Earthcare, Peoplecare, and Fairshare (as set forth in Permaculture), and experimenting with innovative technologies which everyday people around the world are developing.

Shaun’s actual backyard is in Perth, Western Australia, where the climate type is somewhere between temperate, mediterranean and arid, and the soil is sandy. It is a place where rainfall is of chief concern.

“When my partner and I first moved into this place, I found out from a neighbour that no one had grown anything here for 30 years! The soil had been left exposed to the sun, and had degraded so much that weeds and couch grass were struggling to grow. On top of that, the soil was compacted and hydrophobic, which means it refused to absorb what little rainfall fell on it. It’s taken quite a while to build up fertility.”

In a way Shaun’s backyard has become a testing ground for various techniques and technologies – everything from Biogas to Human Waste Composting – but while each project seems separate from the rest, over time they’ve found interesting ways to compliment each other and work together.

“It’s been a fascinating journey, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned – that’s what the website’s about.”

We hope you enjoy visiting ShaunsBackyard.com, and are inspired to take action in your own way, in your community and in whatever space you have available on your property. We invite you to post comments, follow us on twitter, Facebook, subscribe to us, and write about your own projects in the forum section. Together we can make this website grow!