Making a Coffee with Biogas (video)


  • Close the gas-out valve on the digester
  • Open the gas-out valve on the collector
  • The weights apply just enough pressure
  • The flame is almost invisible, very clean and hot
  • Biogas burns hotter and cleaner when mixed with air
  • More weights can be added for more pressure
  • 13mm polytube and standard irrigation valves are cheap, and gas-tight enough for this kind of pressure
  • …an old garden hose will also work just fine
  • Usually I add more rinse-water to the digester while I wait for the coffee
  • At night you would see a soft blue flame
  • It’s best to design your system to be as variable as possible
  • Close the gas-out from the collector
  • Remove pressure…
  • …and open the gas-out on the digester
  • This coffee took 6mins biogas
  • The coffee grinds from this coffee will end up in the digester tomorrow
  • The following day there will be ~15mins biogas in the collector
  • …enough to make two coffees
  • Biogas is an ideal fuel for clean indoor cooking;
  • the digester and collector can be outside,
  • the gas pipes can go underground,
  • even the valves and pressure system can be relocated inside the house.


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